More than just a logistics company

Established in April 2016, Airbox Shipping is one of the leading logistics company, delivering state of the art services Airbox Shipping delivers comprehensive logistics solutions tailored to meet specific requirements of clients. Our highly experienced team of logistics experts work closely with the clients to provide best-in-class solutions within expected timelines.

Airbox Ecommerce Private Limited is a leading end-to-end logistics solutions provider to the Indian e-commerce industry. Headquartered in Bhubaneswar, Airbox Shipping was incorporated in 2016 with years of cumulative experience in the Indian logistics and distribution industry.The Company has established its presence in the industry due to the requirement of a proper logistics for the RURAl ares, which is built on delivery service capability, scalability, customization and sustainability.

Airbox Shipping uses its cutting-edge technology and automation solutions to enable first mile pickup, processing, network optimization and last mile delivery. Airbox Shipping operates in nearly 100 towns in Odisha and is the first private logistics company in India to envision full state coverage to the every doorstep of the RURAL areas.The Company’s extensive network across metros, Tier I, Tier II, Tier III, Tier IV towns and rural locations allows it to serve the growing needs of customers by providing fulfillment services and facilitating the e-commerce business. It also provides fulfillment solutions for e-commerce companies.